“Maximum development of the gifts and capacities with which each person is endowed in the best possible service of others”


Secondary Education

Depth and creativity are key words in the Society’s missions and ministries and are the cornerstone of our mission in Higher Education. We have universities and higher education faculties in over 80 countries of the world. They are devoted to an in-depth appreciation of the world that we live in. They promote an ever deeper understanding of the human person and the dynamics at work in our world - inter-personal, religious, social, physical and cultural. An example of their strong commitment to mission can be found here.

Universities characteristics

Online learning is becoming increasingly prevalent and our network of Jesuit Worldwide Learning brings on-line learning opportunities to refugees in camps and to other remote places where people are without access to education. In addition the Jesuit Refugee Service also offers online courses at university level to refugees who can develop their intellectual capacities, even while they remain in camps, far away from university campuses.

Our priorities